Python Web Development with Flask

A newer and better Flask book available in Chinese.
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  • The first Flask book in China, it covering the complete Flask Web development learning path and including the complete Flask Web application development process.
  • The book based on Flask 1.0.2. Besides, all the Python packages, CSS frameworks and JavaScript libraries use the latest version.
  • In addition to basic knowledge, it also covered Web API, full-text search, internationalization and localization, third-party login, AJAX, WebSocket, source code analysis and other practical contents.
  • It comes with 8 example application, 5 real projects and 1 Flask extension. See more information below.
  • The Git tags of the 5 projects have been carefully set up, and each tag corresponds to a new program feature.
  • All chapters of the book have been carefully designed and arranged to meet the needs of different levels of readers, and to allow readers to master the basics and skills of Flask development step by step.

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The author of Python Web Development with Flask

Grey Li, a member of Pallets Team. You can find him on Stack Overflow and GitHub. Check more information on



—— The core mantainer of Flask Hsiaoming Yang

这本《Flask Web开发实战》非常有趣,是一本能够给读者带来帮助的书,作为一个Flask框架的爱好者,我也很期待这本书的出版。

—— The author of The Design and Implementation of Redis 黄健宏

Grey Li is a really helpful contributor to Flask and the Python community. He is making it easier for more people to learn and use Flask.

—— The core mantainer of Flask David Lord